Who We Are

J.R. Kent Construction Company has worked with insurance companies successfully for many years. Not only do we ensure that you receive the maximum amount back from your fire loss (if properly insured), we also, can repair your fire loss. We know exactly what it takes: knowledge, experience, and hard work - When we are through, it’s better than New!!!

What We Do

  • Prepare accurate computer generated estimates
  • A complete detail report of all damages from fire, smoke and water
  • Prompt and fair settlements – We will negotiate enough money (if properly insured) from the insurance company to repair your building to the condition it was before the fire.
  • We will assist in preparation and negotiation of your personal property loss of use claim
  • We will handle all necessary paper work, permits, tax and title search, etc.
  • With your input, we will prepare detailed repair plans and specification
  • Storage and cleaning is proved if needed
  • Our production and work is guaranteed for five years

Why Work With Us

Not everyone who has a fire has the knowledge or expertise to properly prepare a claim, to receive the maximum benefits coming to them from their insurance company. This lack of knowledge or expertise could result in the loss of not hundreds of dollars, but thousands of dollars. I know you want to receive every penny you have coming to you, don’t you? Of course you do! Insurance companies have adjusters they have trained to protect their interest. You too, can have a state licensed-bonded-adjuster and an appraiser of insurances losses.